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What drives innovation?

Creativity. Experience. Intelligence. 

At Intriligator Innovations, an international team of researchers and field experts is at your fingertips. Ready to delve into problem areas. To listen for opportunity, to research the latest developments, and to synthesize unique new approaches.

At Intriligator Innovations we deliver successful business solutions using our custom ideation methodology, built on a foundation of consumer psychology and design thinking.

Custom Innovation Frameworks

Led by inventor and entrepreneur Professor James Intriligator (above), our researchers have developed and refined a methodology working with dozens of national and international clients. Our custom innovation frameworks help you craft market offerings and marketing strategies that directly and deeply appeal to your target market.

First we evaluate relevant behavioral, technological, and psychological trends and phenomena. Then we apply the art and science of marketing and behavior change to focus on crafting messages that best resonate with target consumers.

When the conceptual marketing strategy is ready to go live, we make sure that it is delivered in a way that will appeal to the nuances of the human mind.

Relying on the principles of consumer psychology and behavior change, we craft a strategy that works.

What is an Intriligator?

“Intriligator” is a Latin word; it means “bookbinder.” In the US, it also means “brilliant” — Google it to discover James’s father (a professor in three fields!), his mother (an accomplished astrophysicist), or his brothers (physicist, conductor, and composer).

James Intriligator is a pioneer, forging new paths across borders and academic disciplines. After 20 years building the the new academic field of Consumer Psychology in Britain — applying neuroscience insights to brand representations — he came home to the US and a new challenge: human factors in engineering.

Now a Professor of the Practice in Human Factors at Tufts University, Intriligator is forging a new convergence. How can neuroscience and brand marketing expertise improve design thinking in engineering?

For his consulting practice, Intriligator has assembled a fresh team of researchers, to dive into questions of consumer perception, brand representation and relevance, and consumer-centered design thinking.

How do consumers relate to your product? How can you deepen and extend that relationship? How can you design new services that spark delight and stoke desire?

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