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Artificial Intelligence + Human Creativity

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Artificial Intelligence + Human Creativity

What We Offer

At Glider Innovations, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that fuse artificial intelligence with human creativity to catalyze innovation across various domains.

Our offerings include:

  • AI-Enhanced Creative Solutions
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • Educational & Academic Services
  • Neuroscience & Cognitive Enhancement
  • Marketing & Branding Insights
  • Customized Research & Development

Each cluster encompasses specialized services meticulously crafted to empower individuals, businesses, and institutions to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Who We Are

Glider Innovations is a trailblazing consultancy that stands at the crossroads of artificial intelligence and human ingenuity. Our mission is to harness the synergies between AI and human creativity to foster innovation, growth, and excellence. Through our diverse offerings, we serve entrepreneurs, businesses, educational institutions, and individuals seeking transformative solutions and insights.




Academics ⬇️

Curriculum Design & Enhancement

Our Curriculum Design & Enhancement service provides schools and academic institutions with modern, effective strategies for optimizing their course offerings. Our approach combines the latest research in education with practical insights drawn from decades of experience in academia. We work with educators and administrators to create innovative, engaging curricula that prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Program, Degree, and Experience Innovation

Through our Program, Degree, and Experience Innovation services, we work alongside academic institutions to re-imagine their offerings. We facilitate the development of novel programs and degrees that are tailored to the changing dynamics of the job market and societal needs. Additionally, we aim to enrich the overall academic experience by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and interdisciplinary approaches into educational practices.

Faculty Development Programs

Our Faculty Development Programs offer educators the resources and strategies they need to grow and thrive in their roles. These programs focus on enhancing teaching skills, integrating technology into instruction, and promoting research. With a blend of practical workshops, one-on-one coaching, and group seminars, we provide faculty members with a platform for continuous learning and professional development.

Academic Research Consultation

We offer Academic Research Consultation to support faculty members, research students, and institutions in their research pursuits. Leveraging our expertise in a wide array of disciplines, we provide guidance on research design, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. Our aim is to promote robust, impactful, and ethically sound research practices.

Workshops and Seminars for Academics

Our Workshops and Seminars for Academics are designed to promote the exchange of ideas and facilitate learning among academic professionals. Covering a wide range of topics – from pedagogical strategies to technology integration in the classroom – these workshops provide a platform for academics to keep pace with the evolving landscape of higher education. The sessions can be customized based on the specific needs of the faculty, department, or institution.

Academic Marketing Innovation

Our Academic Marketing Innovation service aims to help academic institutions create and implement dynamic, effective marketing strategies. Whether promoting an institution, a degree program, a short course, an event, or an initiative, we provide strategic guidance on how to effectively reach and engage the desired audiences. Combining insights from consumer psychology, data science, and marketing trends, we support educational institutions in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with their target demographic. This service is tailored to the specific needs of each institution, ensuring a bespoke solution that amplifies their unique strengths and offerings.


Chat GPT: You’re Using It Wrong!

Excited to share my recent contribution to The Conversation. It explores the intriguing intersection of AI, design thinking, consumer psychology, and human factors engineering. In this piece, I introduce ‘gliding’, a dynamic and intuitive approach to working with AI like ChatGPT, offering a more flexible alternative to traditional rigid prompt engineering. Gliding can be pivotal in our innovation arsenal – shaping everything from product design and strategic marketing to academic innovation.
If you’re curious about driving growth, fostering innovative thinking in your organization, or interested in a more adaptive method of engaging with AI, I encourage you to read the piece and consider the possibilities. I am always open to conversations and collaborations about utilizing these unique tools and strategies for transformative results. Let’s navigate this fascinating crossroads together.

Read “Gliding, not searching: Here’s how to reset your view of ChatGPT to steer it to better results”