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Young Adult Workshop Details 2

Course Overview:

Day One –Understanding Design Thinking

  1. Morning Session: Design Thinking – From chairs and buildings to innovations in products and services

The morning is an interactive introduction to design thinking.  Starting with early examples from a range of industries (product design, architecture, and urban planning), we will follow design thinking’s evolution to the present day.  A “interactive beginners guide” to design thinking, this session will provide the background, grounding, and framework for latter portions of the programme.

Lunch with workshops and group activities

  1. Afternoon Session: Bringing Users to the Centre

Dig in and practice design thinking in teams.  Innovate, problem solve, and explore as you develop a new product, service, or business.  Understand how to use interviewing, observation, and structured brainstorming to uncover and create disruptive innovations.


Day Two – Design Thinking in Practice

  1. Morning Session: Design Thinking (re)Evolutions

In the morning we will explore a range of design-led innovations and industry-disruptors (think about what Uber did to taxi services or AirBnB to hotels).  We will study these innovations within their broader context and use them for business-model inspirations.  We will strive to understand how design-led solutions might be developed and rolled-out.

Lunch with workshops and group activities

  1. Afternoon Session: Innovations from Design-Thinking

In the afternoon session we will take the concepts from the afternoon of day 1 and revisit/modify them with our new understanding from the morning session.  We will move towards a complete business model and a solid prototype that we can test and refine.  Final refinements and presentations will come together for the final afternoon shark-tank “pitches”.  In the end our intrepid students will exit with a new understanding of design-led innovations that can be applied to many aspects of their bright and brilliant futures.

Solutions Based in Science

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