Glider Innovations


Past Clients include

    • Companies: Unilever, Cadbury, Lipton, National Trust, Ben and Jerry’s, Sargento, Mars-Masterfoods, Aldi, IDSS, Dipsticks Research, DraftFCB, Millward-Brown, Tesco, Dove, BBC, Water Aid, Mondelez, CharBroil, Black and Decker
    • Government Agencies: US Army, US Air Force, Office of Naval Research, Missile Defence Agency, Federal Highway Administration
    • Educational Institutions:  Goldsmith’s, Birmingham University, London Metropolitan University

Recent Reviews on James’s ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

“James is the perfect storm of precision engineering, intricate neuroscience, and boundless creativity. His ability to transform complex concepts into AI narratives has saved us countless hours while deepening our grasp of AI’s vast potential. Guided by his supercharged intellect, James has propelled our research innovation and capabilities.”   — Ellen McDonald, Research & Instruction Librarian, Fletcher School, Tufts University

“I really appreciate your time in compiling this material. This is already far better than any of the approaches we’ve devised to attract students.” — Robert Robinson, Research Professor in Physics, Catholic University