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Solutions ⬇️

AI-Enhanced Creative Solutions

Our AI-Enhanced Creative Solutions leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to amplify your innovation potential. From stimulating workshops to personalized product design consultations, our services assist in mapping out a clear pathway to innovation while putting the human element at the forefront of your strategy. Our solutions include: Workshops, Product Design Consultations, Innovation Roadmapping, and Human-Centered Strategy.

Business Innovation

Our Business Innovation services are focused on enhancing growth and fostering entrepreneurial success. Whether you’re a startup in need of mentorship or an established business looking to refine your pitch deck, we offer strategic guidance and tactical advice to drive your business forward. Our solutions include: Growth Strategy Formulation, Startup Mentorship & Coaching, Pitch Deck Development.

Neuroscience Integration

Through our Neuroscience Integration services, we blend insights from cognitive neuroscience with modern design principles. We support research efforts and assist in creating products that resonate with the human mind, thus ensuring a unique and impactful user experience. Our solutions include: Neuroscience-Based Product Design, Cognitive Neuroscience Research Support.

Marketing Excellence

With our Marketing Excellence services, we help you reach your audience more effectively. Our AI-Infused Market Research and data-driven branding strategies optimize customer experiences. Our insight generation techniques allow you to better understand and respond to your consumer behavior. Our solutions include: AI-Infused Market Research, Branding and Positioning Strategies, Customer Experience Optimization, Behavioral Insight Generation,AI-Assisted Market Research.

Human Factors & AI Integration

Our Human Factors & AI Integration services help design a more productive and user-friendly relationship between humans and AI. Whether it’s engineering solutions based on human factors, optimizing human-AI co-working dynamics, or applying AI to human-centered design, we ensure smooth interaction between humans and technology. Our solutions include: Human Factors Engineering solutions, Human-AI Co-working Optimization, AI in Human-Centered Design.

Design & Innovation Workshops

Our Design & Innovation Workshops offer a unique blend of AI and creative thinking. Whether through AI-assisted ideation sessions or AI-integrated design sprints, we use advanced technology to facilitate innovative problem solving and accelerate the design process. Our solutions include: AI-Assisted Ideation Workshops, Design Sprints with AI, Design Thinking with AI.

James Intriligator (PhD Harvard University, Cognitive Neuroscience) is Professor of Human Factors Engineering at Tufts University.  Academic, innovator, and inventor, Intriligator also enjoys music, visuals, and techno-future studies.