Design Thinking for Young Adults

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Design Thinking Courses

Are you an ambitious high-school or first-year university student?  Do you want to add design thinking to your arsenal of tools to prepare for your future?

A dynamic team of thought-leaders has come together to create the first interdisciplinary short course in design thinking specifically designed for ambitious young people.

Design Thinking is a new method of formulating radical new ideas from inception to implementation.  This approach has revolutionized product design and is now widely implemented across the business world. Design Thinking harnesses and focuses individual and collaborative potential, product development, marketing strategies, and logistical efficiency.

Drawing from their respective academic disciplines and ongoing research in thought and performance processes, Intriligator and Reynolds (see below) have adapted established design-thinking models to capitalize on the most significant research in cognitive neuroscience and performance studies.

The program targets innovative young people who want the best possible tools to get ahead in college and beyond.

In this two-day workshop, students learn — and practice! — Design Thinking techniques to:

  • cultivate ingenuity
  • understand viability assessment
  • take threads of ideas from early concepts through to fully-formed, creative, world-changing products and services

More than just a learning experience, this two-day workshop gives young adults the tools, skills, confidence, and experience they need to accelerate and explore their bright futures.  Some more details about the workshop can be found here.


James Intriligator (PhD Harvard University, Cognitive Neuroscience) is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University (USA) and Professor of Psychology at Bangor University (UK).  Academic, innovator, and inventor, Intriligator also enjoys music, visuals, and techno-future studies.





Bryan Reynolds (PhD Harvard University, English Literature), is Claire Trevor Professor of Drama and Performance Studies at University of California, Irvine.  Author, academic, playwright, and Transversal Studies pioneer, Reynolds also enjoys music, extreme activities, and intellectual playfulness.



Sam Lesser.  Research Assistant and Program Developer, Mr Lesser contributes to the development of this unique Design Thinking course that integrates cognitive neuroscience and performance theory to heighten creativity and improve performance in academia and business.