Over the past decade, design thinking has grown to become the leading approach to design. Whether used to design businesses, products or services, design thinking has swept through nearly all industries.

Design thinking can often lead to innovative solutions that may revolutionize a business or even entire industries. (Think of Apple in computing). Design thinking achieves these results by putting customers at the centre of a multi-disciplinary, structured design process.

jugglealdiAt Intriligator Innovations, we are helping diverse industries (from sporting goods to banking) explore the benefits of design thinking.

For example in October 2016 at the Asian Banking School in Kuala Lumpur, Prof. Intriligator (above) trained 200 bankers to use design thinking in their product offerings and to infuse a culture of design thinking into their organizations.

Design Thinking for Your Business

Whether you are interested in crafting new market offerings, improving your customer relationships or just being a more open and innovative organization, design thinking — via consulting or an Intriligator short course or webinar — will deliver valuable insights from the ground up.

We will start with an introduction into what design thinking is (and ISN’T!) – we will look at its history and roots to gain an in-depth deep understanding of the design thinking approach. Interactive sessions can involve group work, case study materials, videos and a range of hands-on activities to generate deeper understanding.

Whatever your position, Design thinking can help innovate and inform a wide range of your strategic business choices.