Human Factors

human_fatigue_studyHuman factors is the scientific study of how people interact with devices, products, and systems. It is an applied field where psychology, engineering, and other disciplines come together to help assure that devices and systems are usable by the people who are meant to use them.

User-centered Design

The field approaches design with the “user” as its primary focus. Practitioners bring expert knowledge concerning human behavior to the design of devices and systems. The discipline contributes to endeavors as complex as space exploration and to products as simple as a toothbrush.

At Tufts University, Prof. Intriligator brings 25 years of expertise in human perception and cognition to aid in product design. His depth of knowledge in consumer-centered research aids in experimental design and statistical analysis. Then, later in the process, Intriligator’s marketing experience can help students and business leaders refine their offerings and define their strategies.